Health Perceptions of Latinos With Intellectual Disabilities: The Results of a Qualitative Pilot Study.

Health Promot Pract. 2008 Mar 28

Jurkowski JM, Rivera Y, Hammel J.

A pilot study among Latinos with intellectual disabilities (ID) was conducted. Focus groups and Photovoice methodology were employed to explore participants’ health perceptions and beliefs. Three focus groups were conducted for a total of 15 participants. An additional member check focus group was conducted to verify results of the analysis. Photovoice methodology was employed with four Latinos with ID to explore health beliefs and perceptions of the influence of the social and physical environment. Participants’ perceptions of health focused on social and mental aspects of health. Latinos with ID believed that social relationships are important to health. They believed in a connection among social, mental, and physical well-being and health. Cultural beliefs related to the role of God and traditional therapies were identified. Latinos with ID reported that they believed that health was influenced by behaviors and that diet and physical activity were beneficial, but this did not necessarily translate into regular practice.

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